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OmniBridge provides a solution to the communication gap by enabling bi-directional, real-time conversations between people who use American Sign Language (ASL) and those who speak English by harnessing the power of AI-driven machine translation technology.
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Latest updates from the OmniBridge team

OmniBridge team members waving from the OmniBridge booth at Deaf Nation 2022
Recent Events

2022 DeafNation World Expo

Deaf Nation held its fourth World Expo in Las Vegas this summer with OmniBridge as one of the sponsors. It was a amazing event, and we were so excited to show off a sneak peak of our translation technology!

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Screen capture of Mariam Rahmani and Adam Munder communicating through OmniBridge's alpha product
Our Work

Sign Language Translation Challenges

Even though recent advancements in AI technologies have enabled many exciting applications such as Face Recognition and Autonomous Driving, automated sign language recognition and translation have proven even more challenging. The OmniBridge team has been developing an AI-based solution that translates the real-time signing videos into English. With these advanced solutions, we are supporting a bi-directional communication for both Deaf and hearing user.

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Mariam Rahmani

Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

At OmniBridge, we believe that in couple of years from now nobody is going to worry about missing any interaction with another person due to unavailable interpreters. AI-based sign language translation is going to advance further, and all Deaf across the globe will have access to bi-directional communication anywhere, anytime.

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Adam Munder demoing OmniBridge's alpha product at Intel Vision 2022
Team Updates

Moving Toward Our Beta Milestone

We are now moving toward our Beta milestone. Beta is focused on adding more vocabulary, improving recognition and the addition of fingerspelling. Additionally, we are fine tuning our user interface and adding mitigation for lighting and backgrounds greatly improving our ability to operate in dynamic environments. We are super excited by our results so far!

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