Real-Time Sign Language Translation

Our platform empowers face-to-face conversations between people who communicate through American Sign Language (ASL) and those who speak English by harnessing the power of AI-driven machine translation technology.
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Technology has an incredible ability to bring people together. At its heart, that's what OmniBridge is doing – uniting Deaf and hearing people through the power of AI.

Jed Barish - Technologist and Deaf Advocate
Jed Barish Technologist and Deaf Advocate
Anytime, Anywhere

Providing 24/7 access to fast, affordable ASL translation, our platform is ideal for a broad array of setting, including schools and offices.

Extensive ASL Database

Our rapidly growing database of over a million hand, face, and body sign samples empowers a wide range of meaningful conversations.

Private and Secure

We keep conversations private with robust security features, including on-device processing and TLS encryption.

Easy to Use

Frustration-free setup means getting started is simple, intuitive, and requires no user training or specialized IT infrastructure.

Exceptional Value

Available by monthly subscription, our platform is the affordable alternative to onsite interpreters and video remote interpreting services.

Intel-Powered Tech

Built by world-class engineers at the forefront of the cognitive computing, computer vision, and natural language processing fields.

Better, More Nuanced Conversations

Our ASL database includes extensive hand gesture models as well as facial expression and body language data for more nuanced translations.
How Omnibridge Works
How Omnibridge Works

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Business
  • Personal

As a Deaf-led company, our mission is to make fast, accurate, and secure ASL translation available to everyone, everywhere. From schools and coffeeshops to banks and hospitals, we believe everyone should have the ability to communicate in their preferred language.

Help Change the World, One Sign at a Time

We’re looking for fluent or native ASL signers from across the United States to participate in 30-minute video conversations with our team of data collectors. The videos we record during these sessions will help train our AI database to identify ASL signs as well as body language and facial expressions.
$30 Amazon Gift Card for 30 Minutes of Your Time
Deaf person signing "help"

The Future of Automated Sign Language Translation

Thanks to recent advances in AI and machine learning, we are closer than ever to achieving real-time sign language translation. As part of this process, our AI experts divided the development of machine translation into five levels – 0 being no technological solution and 5 being human-level interpretation.

At OmniBridge, we are rapidly approaching level three. As our AI database continues to grow, our technology will become more and more adept at recognizing signs and understanding context before one day becoming the seamless solution we’ve all been waiting for.

Our Story

The idea for OmniBridge was seeded in 2014 when co-founder Adam Munder, a profoundly deaf software engineer at Intel, began developing a system to track information informally passed between fellow engineers. A few years later, Adam began working with a small team of developers to create a Deaf-to-hearing translation application based on the backend software from this system. Today, the OmniBridge team is busy growing its ASL database as well as building a minimally viable product that will be brought to market in early 2022.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Omnibridge Team Adam Munder
Adam Munder
Co-Founder, General Manager, Deaf Advocate
Omnibridge Team Mariam Rahmani
Mariam Rahmani
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Head of AI
Omnibridge Team Marina Lovell
Marina Lovell
Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Head of Program Management
Omnibridge Team Shahab Layeghi
Shahab Layeghi
Head of Software and Systems
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