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The idea for OmniBridge was seeded in 2014 when co-founder Adam Munder, a profoundly deaf software engineer at Intel, began developing a system to track information informally passed between fellow engineers. A few years later, Adam began working with a small team of developers to create a Deaf-to-hearing translation application based on the backend software from this system. Today, the OmniBridge team is busy growing its ASL database as well as building a minimally viable product.


OmniBridge provides a solution to the communication gap by enabling bi-directional, real-time conversations between people who use American Sign Language (ASL) and those who speak English by harnessing the power of AI-driven machine translation technology.
Screen capture from demo of OmniBridge app
Jed Barish
Technology has an incredible ability to bring people together. At its heart, that's what OmniBridge is doing – uniting Deaf and hearing people through the power of AI.
Jed Barish, Technologist and Deaf Advocate