Barrier Breakers: OmniBridge™ is one step closer to release!

Hello World!

You are about to witness history in the making. Get ready because something extraordinary is on the horizon! OmniBridge™ is revolutionizing the world of ASL translation by paving the way for real-time communication without any special equipment, such as gloves. With the help of Intel, we’re on the verge of launching our groundbreaking ASL translation solution by the end of the year. We couldn’t have done it without our Deaf participants’ support nationwide. We’ve trained our AI with thousands of signs, and we’re just getting started. So say goodbye to language barriers and hello to a world where two different languages can be understood in the same conversation.

Imagine a world where Deaf and hearing people can seamlessly communicate with each other without barriers on any device, anywhere, and anytime. We’re working toward that vision and are thrilled it is becoming a reality. Be sure to follow our journey and be a part of something truly wonderful! 

Adam Munder
General Manager, OmniBridge™

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