Disability:IN 2022

The week at Disability:IN Conference in Dallas, TX, took place during the week of July 17, 2022, and was a fantastic and inspiring opportunity for me to represent OmniBridge. The week was filled with keynote speakers, meetings, breakout sessions, and luncheons to hear more about what companies are doing to promote more inclusive environment. The recent event had over 4,000 people registered, while about half were virtual.
OmniBridge's booth at Disability:IN 2022

We provided a brief product demo to different companies during the networking reception at the expo. Everyone who stopped by to see the demo for the first time had a jaw-dropping experience seeing the real-time translation between my sign language and the attendee’s spoken English using the AI-driven machine. Excited attendees discussed many ideas on the use cases that could benefit from this technology. The dialogues often led to the social impact it can have on everyone’s lifestyles globally.

While we had so little free time, we stopped by several companies demoing their products, and it was amazing to see how their technologies are driving the world to become more accessible for everyone. It is a very exciting time for us.

We were proud to have our booth next to a fellow Intel team, Intel’s Paralympic Office. I got to meet Lex Gillette and hear about his stories as an athlete; what a fascinating story!

Conference attendees stop by OmniBridge's booth to check out our alpha product at Disability:IN 2022
Michael Catron from the OmniBridge team posing with a confernce attendee at Disability:IN 2022
The conference was inclusive and accessible for everyone with different types of disabilities. It was very refreshing to watch the certified Deaf interpreter on the stage and then see the interpreter in PIP on the screen along with the speaker and the live captioning. #inclusive and #accessibility is the way to go! That was while we watched Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr. sharing a few words with us during the award gala.
Screencast of Ted Kennedy, Jr. speaking at Disability:IN 2022
Intel won the award for scoring 100 on Disability Equity Index. We are proud to be part of a company that invests in providing an inclusive environment company-wide. OmniBridge’s solution will make a meaningful social impact on people’s lifestyles shortly! I am excited to bring a few key takeaways from the conference back to Intel and work with the key people to implement new ideas to make the company more inclusive and accessible.
Intel employees posing for a group photo at Disability:IN 2022 in recognition of Intel's award for scoring 100 on Disability Equity Index

About Disability:IN

Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Our network of over 400 corporations expands opportunities for people with disabilities across enterprises. Our central office and 25 Affiliates serve as the collective voice to effect change for people with disabilities in business.

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