OmniBridge is starting 2022 with a bang!

Hello! We are already in 2022! Time is flying and I’m looking forward to the new year.

Our OmniBridge engineering team is thriving. We are building an AI-based solution enabling real-time conversation between Deaf ASL users and hearing English speakers. Our goal is seamless translation without delays and misinterpretations.

Our engineering team has made vast improvements. Our product is now processing much faster than in 2021! I’m looking forward to how our product will change the world. We want to create a more inclusive environment for hearing and Deaf people. It’s not only for Deaf people, it’s for hearing people, too. Everyone will benefit as we bring the Deaf and hearing worlds together.

That is OmniBridge’s BIG VISION!

Picture of Adam Munder, Co-Founder of OmniBridge at Intel
Adam Munder, Co-Founder of OmniBridge at Intel

Adam Munder is Deaf and has worked at Intel in many engineering roles since 2011. Prior to incubating a new venture backed by Intel Corporation, he started simply, with a big stack of borrowed textbooks and internet information. Coming from an all-engineering background, he is sure to bring a new technology focus to innovation at a time when it is needed most.

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