OmniBridge’s ASL Linguist!

People often want to learn ASL. Guess what? We are a company who teaches ASL to AI! We do this through annotation. That is what I do as a linguist.

Hi, I’m Tori Pfaff. I am an ASL Linguist for this company. Linguistics is the study of human languages, their structure and how the community uses them. The work that my team and I do is to collect ASL data then annotate and translate them. We feed and teach the AI with the data. How exciting is this? Once the AI knows ASL, we will give you the product and you can use your sign language to communicate directly with non-signers. Anywhere. Anytime.

The future is yours!

Picture of Tori Pfaff, ASL Linguist at OmniBridge
Tori Pfaff, ASL Linguist at OmniBridge
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